Why Polaris?

A bit about Polaris K-12
The Polaris K-12 educational model produces exceptional results!
• The Polaris K-12 graduation rate is 100%
• The Polaris K-12 proficiency percent is above average
• Polaris K-12 was rated 5*s by the Alaska School Performance Index

Polaris K-12 is an educational alternative that adds value to the Anchorage School District. It is a unique evolving program that creates an environment challenging students to personal excellence, lifelong learning, and ethical responsibility to self, community, and world.
• It is a safe, small, learning community promoting social and emotional well being
• It promotes a culture of acceptance and diversity
• It is a place where everyone knows your student’s name
• It is a community where teachers, students, and parents work together
• It is the only ASD school with K-12 students housed under one roof
• It caps out at 500 students, this small environment promotes comprehensive learning
• It’s staff, students and parents are on a first name basis, creating a lot of trust
• Polaris K-12 encourages independent learning, critical thinking and responsibility
• Students are encouraged to find their voice and express their opinions
• Students are responsible for their own Student led Portfolios
• Students and staff meet for Seminar once a year, to discuss school issues from a global perspective
• Intensives (multi-age, mini, two week electives) are offered between semesters
• Learning takes place in a variety of settings in addition to the classroom
• The unique K-12 ages allow older kids to model to younger kids

Polaris K-12 even looks and feels different! It promotes individual accountability and expression.
• The walls are covered with expressive, student proposed and painted murals
• There are no bells between classes, no hall monitors
• Lockers have no locks, students are expected to respect other’s property
• Students are allowed student lounges if they care for them
• Polaris students are encouraged to use school resources and move freely, with permission, through the halls and classrooms
• Polaris students vary in age from kindergarten to high school seniors, and they all navigate the halls together
• Polaris has a unique outdoor environment called the Habitat that promotes outdoor learning

What makes our Elementary program unique?
• Family Groups vs classrooms
• A culture of active play
• Reduced homework
• Authentic assessments vs report cards

What make our Secondary program unique?
• Each student has an advisor to guide their education 6-12th grade
• Students have the freedom and the responsibility to create their own unique educational options
• Students become independent, life-long learners by taking an active role in educational decisions and in the governance of their school
• Students are required to do community service
• Professional Learning Community ½ Days allows students time to meet in groups for educational and community service projects